Individual Therapy

Personal counseling with a psychotherapist aimed to assist patients in resolving problems in living. Techniques utilized for each patient during the course of treatment are chosen according to individual needs. However, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) interventions are most often used in working with adolescents and adults due to the overwhelming empirical evidence that suggest its effectiveness (Greenberger, D., Padesky, C. (1995). Mind Over Mood; Change the Way You Feel by Changing the Way You Think. New York: Guilford Publications.; Beck, A. T. (1975).

Cognitive Therapy and Emotional Disorders. International Universities Press, Inc.). A combination of play therapy techniques and CBT are most often employed in working with children due to the age-appropriateness of such interventions. Other interventions utilized in individual therapy include solution-focused therapy, systematic desensitization, assertiveness training, goal-setting, experiential techniques, and behavioral therapy.